Merchant Account Acquisition

While many payment solutions exist online today, from 3rd party credit card processors to crypto currencies, the holy Grail is the merchant account.

This can seem very scary too many as it is new waters to tread, but with our decades of experience in acquiring merchant accounts for businesses in a variety of industries, we can guide you to the promised land.

The industries that we can connect with merchant accounts are expansive and would be far too long of a list to put here on this page, so please contact us and tell us more about your business. We will then prepare a plan for you and help you get that merchant account that you need.

Why Get a Merchant Account?

Today there are a wide range of billing options available on the market. From easy-to-use credit card solutions like Stripe, to digital wallets like PayPal, and even crypto currency options like bitcoin. With so many options available, one might wonder, why even bother with a merchant account?

While a merchant account is not right for every business, for many businesses, a merchant account should not only be considered a necessity but also a revenue-generating tool that can blow away the options listed above. Below you will find a very short list of advantages to owning a merchant account. There are many more, so feel free to contact us to start a conversation and learn how a merchant account can benefit your business.

Benefits of a Merchant Account

  • Ability to “take transactions with you”
  • Increased price point possibilities with less scrutiny
  • quick, daily deposits
  • lower fees
  • Increased sales throughput, Meaning more transactions and sales
  • Additional billing options for your customers
  • Less dependency on other parties for a core piece of your business